Sunday, January 17, 2010

For Mari

A flower from my backyard in Hawaii. I captured its evanescent beauty with pigment and water on paper. The painting went to my Hilo-born brother Peter and his wife on the occasion of their marriage. The painting has never had a title, so I'd like to rededicate it to precious little Mari, their new daughter.

Susie's Hibiscus

My mother Susie, who will soon turn 80, grew this huge hibiscus in her backyard in Hawaii. The painting is a full sheet, and was one of my very first watercolors. The flower was spectacular, and the plant it came from produced blossoms over ten inches in diameter. I've posted it in honor of her birthday.


This man is from the same area in Michigan where my family has had roots for five generations.

Snake River Valley AVA I

This painting is the latest in my series celebrating Idaho's first wine appellation--The Snake River Valley American Viticultural Area. Effective April 9, 2007, wineries located within the 8,263-square mile Snake River Valley American Viticultural Area were able to place the new appellation name on their labels. These luscious grapes were growing in the vineyards of the University of Idaho Agricultural Extension in Parma, Idaho.